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Wing Tsun Academy

    The history of our association began in the year 2001 when the group of friends who were passionate about Chinese Martial Arts started their Wing Tsun journey. For many years the instructors of our Association were learning and developing their skills being a part of the EEWTO (East European Wing Tsun Organization) which was led by Master Leung Ting. During that time most of the instructors were able to become private students of Si-Fu Norbert Maday.

    Nevertheless Kung Fu is about constant development of your knowledge, skills etc. This is the most important element conditioning the results which we get not only in Martial Arts. That is why, not to limit their progress possibilities, they started to search for a way to verify their knowledge. The only way to do that was by going out of the confines set by Master Leung Ting.

    This quest led them directly to Hong Kong where they had the possibility to meet with many Martial Artists from variety of Kung Fu styles. Long discussions led to deeper understanding of Chinese styles and put a new perspective in their training methods and the system overall.

    As it turned out they found out that the changes which Master Leung Ting made were quite radical and the teaching program which emphasized on learning more and more new technics didn’t help students develop and because of that they didn’t become efficient in Wing Tsun. To know and to master are two different things. Discrepancy of priorities between teaching methods and delivered knowledge led us to separate path than EEWTO.

    Wing Tsun is a complete Martial Art System which is fully usable in real life situations. It doesn’t have any “secret technics” but still some schools use this term for marketing reasons. Wing Tsun was mostly develop on the basis of knowledge about human anatomy as a system relatively easy to learn. By getting acquainted with movements and their applications we can use our body in the most efficient way. That gives us a better chance of fighting a physically stronger opponent.

    Nowadays Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association is developing with the support of Si-Fu Kong Chi-Keung. Constant contact with the Chinese master guaranties a stable development of each student. Moreover all of our instructors have national qualifications and licenses which allow them to teach self-defense.

    The verification of learned material for specified degree is also led by Si-Fu Kong Chi-Keung.


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